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Urinary Flow and Prostate Support may be used to help maintain a healthy prostate and urinary function. It may also be used to help promote healthy...
This remedy is used to support the kidneys and bladder. It may be used to help treat inflammation of the kidneys, renal calculi, sharp stinging pai...
If you have acute back pain, this PEMF is for you! It may be used to help reduce pain in the disc and the spine. This IC was created with the follo...
This PEMF contains Frequencies against inflammation and pain. It should harmonize immune function and reduce inflammtion and pain. Combine it with ...
Rife frequencies to help stimulate the production of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH has been linked to increased energy levels, improved muscle ma...
Mitochondrial Energy Support is beneficial for those needing an energy boost. It may be used to encourage healthy mitochondrial function, inhibit c...
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David Arnett, September 14, 2022
After two weeks I stopped getting leg cramps at night. I can sleep all night without getting up to go to the bathroom. I had cancer sores on the top of my head for over 7 years and they are gone. We treat the entire home and plants. My wife has Parkinson's and i am praying for the best for her.
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David's Health Profile
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