Concussion Protocol plus Schumann Resonance

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Primary Application
For what
Mental Health and Nervous
For whom
This PEMF should be combined with the Trauma PEMF and the Happy Water. This combination can restore happiness very fast.
Included ICs
1.96 k
Concussion Protocol from the Core course protocols Run Time = 41 minutes
This is a two-minute version of the Schumann resonance frequency and can be used to help with general well-being and body rejuvenation.
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anonymous, November 24, 2021
I use it for sleep or for patients who are stuck in sympathetic overdrive.
Nicki, December 21, 2021
I use this program once a week with the IC pad and place it on my sternum. I feel like I'll have a free head afterwards and I'm more relaxed overall.
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Shari Aultman, January 21, 2022
I love this IC. I feel calmer and more balanced as I encounter all the stressors of the day. I love the concussion mode on FSM as well, but using glowing IC pad is simpler, no wet towels, :)