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Cathy Lancey, May 22, 2022
I have been using IC Complexes for about 5 years. Many different ones. The majority have helped and if I haven't noticed a difference in my particular complaint I just find another IC or remedy that works. The most important thing to me is the cost. Instead of having a cupboard or fridge filled with all kinds of different remedies (as your health and needs are always changing) I have solutions literally at my fingertips. One yearly fee has saved me a lot of money. I do work with a practitioner who has advised me and created some IC combinations and as I become more familiar with them I have recreated some of my own.
KAY MARCIA ODIERNO, October 23, 2021
Haven't had to use any other prescriptions for allergies since using ICs….. I take half a 16..9 bottle in the morning and the other half before sleeping which allows me to breathe through my nose all night.
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Petra Zülow, September 30, 2021
After a good 2 weeks of use, I feel so good that I no longer knew how it could be almost pain-free. At the moment I only have minor restrictions. GREAT!

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Amy, September 30, 2021
I've tried this 3 days in a row and noticed a significant difference on my mental focus, clarity, and general energy levels. Impressed.
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anonymous, October 02, 2021
My 89 year old mother is constipated because of her medication (heart problems). I gave her this probiotic to drink and it worked! It wasn't until the next day that I told her that she wasn't drinking ordinary water. Since then I have given her this probiotic to drink every day at her request and she is very satisfied. Thanks a lot for this!

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Carla Alton, September 29, 2021
Love this combination for reducing pain, chronic inflammation, arthritis and digestive issues. Highly recommend this ic's.
Michael Erharter, February 28, 2020
My friend and our 6 month old son went to the doctor for a severe cough. The doctor diagnosed severe bronchitis and prescribed Sultanol (4 pumps per day). When asked if we could wait a bit, the doctor said no and if it gets worse on the weekend, we have to go to the children's clinic and take cortisone sprays. On my own, I decided to wait another day. I treated my son with "Endobalance Infection Killer" and PEMFs (4 hours). The next day we went to see another doctor for a check. The lungs were completely free. Very slight cough, but nothing threatening. No medication was needed... We continue to work with the ICs and PEMFs and it gets better by the hour. Thanks for these opportunities.
anonymous, September 26, 2021
suffer with outbreaks of eczema around the nose and cheekbones ..this IC cured the problem after 2 days of running the program twice a day.
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Kellee Machado , September 26, 2021
I use it to stay focused and energized to study and work. The story I want to share is about a friend whose debilitating neurolgical disorder causes her to have restless leg syndrome. She stayed the night at my house without her prescription for Gabapentin, so I made her a complex that included Gabapentin, Calcium-Magnesium, Super Sleep PEMF, and Brain Delta. Not only did she not have the symptoms of restless leg but she slept through the night!
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danielle okuly, August 21, 2021
Wow! My triceps were tight because I used them for the first time ever. This nearly removed the pain and after the second time it was completely gone. Thank you kraft&gesundheit for developing and sharing this!
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Theresa garcia, September 10, 2021
Ive been using IC's for 5 months. This one I use everyday.. I'm 54 with tons of energy. I've also lost 3 pounds and kept it off. The IC's are the only real consistent change.
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Logan Abassi, August 17, 2021
I find the IC easy to use and it has multiple modes for infusions of all my vitamins and minerals, supplements and even pharmaceuticals as well as the PEMF mode for direct stimulations. It saves me thousands of dollars every year.
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Dr. Akemi Borjas, DOM, August 17, 2021
If my nose is runny or I have a scratchy throat or feel down I drink between 40-50oz a day and it helps clear everything up.
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