Request for recommended medicines.

Karen King
April 30, 2018
Hello Paul, Based on the treatments I've received, you told me you had recommended medicines for me. Just wondering what they are?

Feb 08, 2019
Hello Paul. It seems the download format has changed. When I touch the download icon nothing happens. What do I need to do to download?
I have sent the remedies that we discussed!
Nov 23, 2018
Hello Paul. Thank you for today's session. Most grateful. Trying to remember the ICs you recommended.
May 12, 2018
Hello Paul...I have been taking Arnica Heel, Rescue Remedy, Digestive Complex, Hamamelis and I have just downloaded Nux Vomica to try. Overall, I can eat just about anything comfortably!!! Most grateful for these medicines. Do you recommend the EPA/DHA Fish Oil IC for memory issues? What do you recommend for brain health/memory?
Karen King, all remedies that are on the site and you feel interested in you can try without concern. Memory is usually a circulation issue and digestive issue so the remedies you are currently taking should be very helpful. It just might take a little bit longer to see the results. Glad to hear that you have had success with them.
May 12, 2018
Paul McDonald , Thank you. Yes, I've definitely experienced success. My digestion is so much better and I'm a lot calmer.
Recommendation sent - any questions just let me know
Apr 30, 2018
Will wait for your recommendations.........thank you.