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Mental Health and Nervous
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Ignatia is a homeopathic remedy that is derived from the St Ignatius bean. It belongs to the family Loganaceae, which also produces the remedies Nux vomica, Gelsemium and Spigelia. Ignatia may be used to help with conditions brought on by emotional upset such as grief, shock, fear, anger, depression, embarrassment, or ridicule. This remedy is often recommended for people who are suffering from a romantic disappointment or the loss of a spouse, relative, friend, or pet as it helps the person bear the grief and suffering common to emotional upset. Additionally, ignatia may be used to help with for exhaustion, hypersensitivity of the senses, migraines, irregular menses, spasmodic pain, gastrointestinal inflammation and colic, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, accumulation of gas and belching, and acid reflux.
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