Intervertebral Osteochondrosis

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The painful, motor and vegetative disturbances caused by a lesion of roots on the spinal cord, owing to an osteochondrosis of the backbone. A vertebral osteochondrosis is the degenerate-dystrophic arising because of loss by intervertebral discs of their function of amortization that is caused by the degeneration of tissue of a disk, leading to pressure decrease inside of it. Except for cases of trauma, the etiology of a discopathy is obscure. In a segment of the disk, there is a relative instability of the backbone, with development of osteophytes of bodies of vertebrae (spondylosis), damage of ligaments, and an arthropathy of intervertebral joints (spondylarthrosis). A diverticulum of a disk (protrusion or hernia) plus osteophytes can also squeeze roots, thus causing radicular pains.

Sep 24, 2020
I hope it works for a hernia Surgery is not a good option.