How to Imprint ICs: Once in 30 Days Transfer Method

Method 2 is a more convenient way to imprint ICs as it allows you to store ICs for a month! For this method, you will need:

  • IC Pad or IC Hummer
  • Computer/smartphone
  • Small glass bottle with dropper (30-200 mL / 1-7 oz)
  • Sea or Himalayan salt
  • Non-carbonated water

Note: Instead of using water with salt, you can also use this method to imprint ICs into other products, like body creams, oils, juices, alcohol solutions (vol. up to 50%), etc.

Step I. Prepare the Saline Solution

1. Fill a glass with 200 mL of non-carbonated water, which you usually drink.

2. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Sea or Himalayan salt in the water.

3. Fill the glass dropper bottle with the saline solution.

Step II. Transfer ICs to Saline Solution

1. Connect your IC Pad or IC Hummer to your computer or smartphone.

2. Set the volume level of the computer/smartphone to the maximum if using IC Pad or up to 80% if using IC Hummer.

3. Choose ICs or IC Complex you wish to transfer.

4. Vigorously shake the glass bottle containing the prepared saline solution (see Step I) for 10 seconds.

5. Place the bottle on top of the IC Pad or, if using IC Hummer, attach it to the bottle and start the transfer.

6. Once the transfer of ICs to the saline solution is complete, the solution is ready to use. You may use this solution containing ICs for 30 days. Write the date and name of the transferred ICs on the bottle.

7. Please remember to keep the solution containing ICs away from any electrical devices! You can use aluminum foil to shield your glass dropper bottle and protect it from electromagnetic smog.

Step III. Use Solution with Imprinted ICs

1. Place about 10 drops of the solution containing ICs into a glass of non-carbonated water, which you usually drink. Stir and drink at least 50 mL of water at once.

2. Use the solution containing ICs 2-3 times a day. Your practitioner may suggest a different amount of daily intake.

3. After 30 days or when the solution containing ICs is finished, repeat the steps to prepare a new volume of saline solution containing your choice of ICs.

You can prepare several bottles containing different ICs and use them one after another, at least 10 minutes apart from each other.


Does the 30 days transfer method substitute the 3 days transfer method?

No, the 30 days transfer method does not substitute the 3 days transfer method – it is just another option, that may be more convenient to transfer and store ICs. You can use whichever method you prefer.

Can I use a 50 mL glass bottle instead of 30 mL to prepare the IC solution and store it for 30 days?

Yes, a larger glass bottle can be used to prepare and store the IC solution. Just fill the bottle with the saline solution prepared in Step I and use it for 30 days.

Can I use clear, transparent glass bottles or should they be blue?

You can use clear, transparent glass bottles; but, in this case, we recommend covering the bottles with aluminum foil when storing them.

How should I store glass bottles with ICs?

Bottles with ICs should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and at least one meter away from electrical devices. You can also use aluminum foil to shield your bottle and protect it from electromagnetic smog.

Can I reuse the glass bottles?

Yes, you can reuse the glass bottles; however, before reusing, you should wash them with hot water.

Medical Disclaimer