How to Use Circuit IC Pad

The Circuit IC Pad is the simplest device available for transferring ICs. Just connect the Circuit IC Pad to your computer/smartphone using an audio cable and follow one of the transfer methods. The Circuit IC Pad can be used to prepare up to 0.75 L of water in 12 minutes and does not require a battery to operate.

Since the Circuit IC Pad does not have an internal signal amplifier, for ICs shorter than 12 minutes, IC transfer will repeat a few times in order to reach a minimum of 12 minutes. For example, if the selected IC has a transfer time of 2 minutes, the (Repeat) icon will display "5":
When using any IC Pad, always set the volume level of the laptop/smartphone to maximum before starting the IC transfer.

Circuit IC Pad Troubleshooting

How can I verify that my Circuit IC Pad is still working?

Unlike the Glowing IC Pad, the Circuit IC Pad does not have any LED indicator showing that it is currently working. To check whether your Circuit IC Pad still works, set the volume level of the computer/smartphone to the maximum and transfer different ICs. You should hear a small noise coming from the Circuit IC Pad. If you don't hear anything, you may need to replace the audio cable.

What to do if transfer does not start?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of your browser (Chrome and Safari are recommended) and that you do not have any VPN extensions. You may also try to restart your browser.