Hormones Optimization with Daniel Knebel (Practitioner Series)

This webinar was presented by Daniel Knebel and is focused on hormones and their optimization through Infopathy. Explore the production of hormones, the impact of emotions on the brain and hormonal responses, and the effects of hormones on our health, mood, and behavior. Additionally, learn practical strategies for optimizing your hormone balance. Daniel discussed a variety of topics, including the role of hormones in metabolism, stress response, and sexual function, as well as the appropriate treatment sequences for promoting health and hormonal balance. Whether you aim to boost your energy levels, manage stress, or enhance your overall well-being, this webinar is a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the fascinating world of hormones, especially practitioners.
Duration: 120 minutes Presenter: Daniel Knebel Language: English

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Video Timestamp

0:00:32 – Introduction to Practitioner Series Webinar & Importance of hormones
0:02:05 – Why talk about hormones
0:05:40 – The brain and the limbic system
0:16:26 – The brain and stress
0:20:04 – The hypothalamus and hormones
0:26:16 – Steroid hormone synthesis
0:28:40 – Questions & answers
0:35:50 – Relationship between gland/tissue/organ, hormones, and function
0:41:53 – Questions & answers
0:50:02 – Why the brain first?
0:58:46 – Questions and answers; examples showing how to use the Infopathy Platform
1:19:54 – Continue with presentation; consequences of stress response
1:25:01 – Difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
1:29:59 – Effects of cortisol imbalance on the body
1:33:39 – Six herbs to help reduce stress; examples showing how to use the Infopathy Platform
1:40:13 – Insulin and the pancreas
1:49:39 – Estrogen and progesterone
1:58:27 – Examples showing how to use the Infopathy Platform
2:03:40 – Pregnenolone
2:05:35 – Questions & answers
2:08:03 – Testosterone
2:14:36 – Growth Hormone
2:17:04 – Thyroid
2:23:47 – Calculating progesterone/estradiol ratio for women
2:26:02 – Questions and answers

Additional description
Learn about hormone production, emotional impact, health effects, and practical balancing strategies. Explore topics such as metabolism, stress response, and sexual function, making this webinar essential for those interested in hormone health and well-being.

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About the presenter
Daniel Knebel is a healthcare professional and passionate athlete with over twenty years of healthcare experience. Since 1999 he has been working on optimizing the health of people of all ages and levels of performance.

During his career, Daniel has helped hundreds of clients achieve their physical goals in record time. Additionally, he is an IC Developer on Infopathy and has created over 500 ICs and Complexes.
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