Functional Music with Daniel Knebel

This webinar was presented by Daniel Knebel and will be focused on functional music and Audible ICs in general. Discover how these unique sound patterns are designed to resonate with your body's energy fields, potentially enhancing well-being and addressing specific health concerns. Ideal for health professionals, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone interested in alternative therapies, this webinar provides a comprehensive understanding of how Infopathy's Audible ICs work and their potential benefits.
Duration: 90 minutes Presenter: Daniel Knebel Language: English

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Additional description
This enlightening session delves into our specially curated collection of Audibles, each crafted to enhance physical and emotional well-being. We'll explore how each unique composition is designed to target specific health concerns - from improving balance and managing allergies to supporting mental clarity and aiding muscle recovery. Join us to learn about this holistic approach to healing and wellness, and experience how the right melodies and rhythms can contribute to your overall health. Whether you're a health enthusiast, a music lover, or someone seeking new ways to support your well-being, this webinar is a melodious journey towards a healthier you.

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How to participate?
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About the presenter
Daniel Knebel is a healthcare professional and passionate athlete with over twenty years of healthcare experience. Since 1999 he has been working on optimizing the health of people of all ages and levels of performance.

During his career, Daniel has helped hundreds of clients achieve their physical goals in record time. Additionally, he is an IC Developer on Infopathy and has created over 550 ICs and Complexes.
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