Brain and Stress with Daniel Knebel (Practitioner Series)

This webinar was presented by Daniel Knebel and is focused on how to fix the brain and stress with Infopathy. Emotions and stress are the leading causes of almost all health problems, which include leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, scoliosis, immune dysfunction, etc. A successful and logical approach to fixing emotions, stress, and its consequences is one of the primary abilities a Practitioner should have.
Duration: 120 minutes Presenter: Daniel Knebel Language: English

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Video Timestamp

0:00:41 – Introduction to Practitioner Series Webinar & Importance of managing stress
0:03:12 – Why talk about stress
0:18:47 – The basics of stress
0:31:31 – Factors contributing to stress and diseases
0:37:00 – Example: stress, the amygdala, and the hypothalamus
0:48:10 – Example: stress and the immune system
0:54:00 – Biological systems disrupted by toxic stress
0:59:34 – The stress response
1:03:35 – Questions & Answers
1:10:33 – How to create IC Complexes for clients
1:16:50 – Mental health, stress, and the brain
1:24:34 – Mental health, infections, and toxins
1:28:37 – Stress and sleep
1:31:28 – Stress and the brain
1:34:18 – Stress and PTSD
1:37:10 – More Questions & Answers
1:45:45 – The brains stress response
1:48:19 – Hormonal control systems
1:58:25 – Solutions for toxic stress
2:01:48 – Lifestyle choices to help with stress
2:09:16 – Review of how Infopathy may help with stress
2:10:13 – More Questions & Answers

Additional description
This webinar will teach you how to clean emotions, repair brain parts, and rebalance the brain and stress axis in a scientifically proven sequence. This webinar is the first of a series of Practitioner webinars that will help you reach the next level with Infopathy!

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About the presenter
Daniel Knebel is a healthcare professional and passionate athlete with over twenty years of healthcare experience. Since 1999 he has been working on optimizing the health of people of all ages and levels of performance.

During his career, Daniel has helped hundreds of clients achieve their physical goals in record time. Additionally, he is an IC Developer on Infopathy and has created over 500 ICs and Complexes.
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