What are Infoceuticals (ICs)?

Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko
This video shows water from the point of view of Quantum Electrodynamic Theory. Here you will learn how water can mimic the electromagnetic spectrum of diluted substances and how one can record and store these electromagnetic signals - thus, creating infoceuticals (ICs).

Sep 04, 2020
Are substances, such as CBD, that are being transmitted at a particular dosage amount. Can you explain how that works?
Hi Jennifer, thank you for your question! When we transfer ICs of some substances to the water we assume that we create homeopathic dosages - technically there is no active substance present in the IC water, but under the influence of an electromagnetic field with a specific spectrum, we make water molecules organize in coherent domains that mimic the spectrum of the original substance. The same thing we assume is happening when homeopathic remedies are created. Imprinted water (its coherent domains) can interact via resonance phenomena with receptors in our body and cause a similar reaction as the substance itself. The strength of that effect depends on how well coherent domains were formed, how stable they are, how well body can actually 'read' (resonate) that information, and whether the body has energy to make a change. Coherent domains I would assume much less stable then substance itself. That is why the effect from ICs might be slower and much lighter, and you need to use them for a longer time to make an effect, but also that is probably why they don't have negative effects.
Feb 26, 2020
Can I use ic Pad for water with MSM?
Hi Seokyong Ji, thank you very much for your question! We have not tested exactly with MSM only minerals, but you can definitely try it, it might work. Please, let us know what results will you get. Thank you!
Feb 02, 2020
Do I have to contact the skin directly when using the pemf function?
Hi Seokyong Ji, thank you very much for your question! No, you do not need to have direct contact with skin when using PEMF-infoceuticals - just put IC Pad on top of your clothes.
Jan 31, 2020
Can I use sugar instead of water for ic Pad?
Hi Seokyong Ji, thank you very much for your question! Using sugar beads is a pretty common practice in homeopathy or by energy practitioners, but we don't have much experience with that yet. Some people use body creams, oils, alcohol solutions to store ICs and it works for them. I think you can definitely try sugar as well. Before the IC transfer, you can try to add a drop of water onto the sugar, just an idea) Please, let us know on any results you receive. Thank you!
Jan 13, 2020
How does one know the water is safe and not tainted?
Hi John, thank you very much for your question! At first for the IC transfer, you should use good quality water, that you usually drink. From all the observations ICs do not have a negative effect if they not right for you. If your question is not about ICs, but in general about the quality of the water, then you can get your water professionally tested for lead and other contaminants. But for the initial test, you can use your own senses. If it is not some specific mineral water, then it should be not cloudy, should not have any odor or funny taste.
Jan 14, 2020
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, Hi Anton, I'm considering buying a Premium account and was wondering about downloading ICs. Is there security that keeps tainted ICs from being on the website?
Hi John, we publish ICs from only from the trusted IC Developers. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, even if IC will be created with the help of, e.g. lead then it would not have a negative effect on the organism. For example, we tested penicillin with yeasts, which is in a physical form kills, but in a form of ICs was actually stimulating the yeasts grows. It is a big question to discuss whether some IC can actually harm the organism, but currently, we think that probably it is almost impossible. We have this analogy: it is possible to harm someone with a knife, but it is very hard to make someone jump from a bridge with just using information. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you!
Nov 23, 2019
Hey Anton, I'm curious if you would consider this to be a holistic/natural way of "bio hacking" or engineering ones genetics over time with this technology. Considering that "unnatural selection" documentary on netflix this seems like a toned down version. Say for example if you were to take the IC memory enhancer that has extracts found in many neuro supplements and take it for an extended time(months/years). This IC technology also seems to shine light on how our thoughts and feeling can heal ourselves.
Hi Cody, interesting question, thank you! We currently see that this technology promotes self-healing, fixing unbalanced systems. People and practitioners do not see usually (like 99.9% cases) negative effects from using IC water and we hypothesize that if the body does not want to react on some frequencies it will not do that, there is no resonance. I like the analogy with "Lock and Key", as you know there is a theory that a molecule can change the state of reception only if the shape of the molecule matches the shape of the receptor (key should match to lock in order to change the state of the lock). But actually, there are studies showing that important the electromagnetic "shape" (spectrum) of the molecule, not physical shape. In the modern world, we have an electronic key and lock. If the key does not emit the right signal, the lock will not change its state, no matter how many times you try. But if you take an old version of key and lock if the key does not match and you keep trying to open the lock can simply break the lock and you will never open the door, or you will need to do door "surgery" ). Different people have different skills, strong sides. But probably those skills not only because of their DNA but also their education, social and physical environments, and many other parameters. So, I think in general each person has great potential and physical, mental, spiritual exercises, proper nutrition, environment, and other means may help a person discover that potential. Interesting questions, I will keep thinking about it :)
Nov 07, 2019
Hi I’m helping my son with his science fair project. How does one measure the signals (electromagnetic spectrum) that are in the treated water Vs. regular tap or filtered water?
Hi Jennifer, thank you for your question! To measure the signal from the water with diluted substance or then IC we put sample of water in the electromagnetic coil, amplify whatever signal we can detect and then record it. After that, we can perform spectral analysis. But usually, the spectrum just looks like white noise and specificity is hidden inside noise modulations. To study the specific effect of treated water better to use biological experiments, for example with yeasts, mice, etc. I would also recommend watching the movie with Luc Montagnier (you can find it among the first posts at the IC Platform), I think they have a good demonstration fo the process. Please, let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification. Thank you!
... known as coherent domains... It's more simpl than this. See http://eng.ikar.udm.ru/mis-rt.htm: Resonanse in physic, chemistry and biology - http://eng.ikar.udm.ru/files/pdf/sb22e.pdf and On the principle of least action, the crisis in modern physics, the physical basis of quantum mechanics and the structure of water - http://eng.ikar.udm.ru/files/pdf/sb51-1.pdf It's SI (Super-coherent Radiation) and RM (Resonant Microclusters - Quadrupoles). Regards VS.
Apr 09, 2018
Thanks. That is very helpful.
Apr 07, 2018
Lorazepam is addictive if taken as an ordinary oral meds. Is it still addictive as an infoceutical?
Apr 09, 2018
Myriam Jarsky, The lorazepam given in the IC platform is not addictive as the body only takes from the remedy the information imprint and what it needs. It does not take things that it doesn't. Therefore not addictive.
Myriam Jarsky, also there were experiment with IC of tobacco. People who were addicted to smoke a lot, after drinking water with IC of tobacco had very small attraction to cigarettes. This IC will be available soon. We assume that organism with the help of water with IC was able to start producing nicotine by itself again. As you may know, normally our organism produce nicotine, but if we start to smoke cigarettes we will have external source of nicotine and our organism stops to produce nicotine and if person continues to smoke for some time then they become dependent on external source of nicotine, but if person keep away from smoking for some time then organism will start to produce nicotine by itself again. In that case people were not addicted to water with IC of tobacco, but it helped them to get away from addiction to external source of nicotine.