Magic Pills: Promise or Placebo

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This post is prepared by Ananda More, Hom, DHMHS, Registered Homeopath, Co-owner Riverdale Homeopathy, Director / Producer.

Homeopathy has a long and successful history in epidemics. We have literature spanning over 200 years that serves as excellent evidence for its effectiveness. The founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered early on that the homeopathic remedy belladonna was effective at preventing scarlet fever infections. Later on, another physician, Dr. R E Dudgeon, gave 1646 children who had been exposed to Scarlet Fever, belladonna. Only 7.4% developed symptoms at a time when the attack rate for the disease was estimated to be around 90%. Homeopathy was also well recognized for its effectiveness in treating pneumonia due to the Spanish flu, with a remarkable 0.7% mortality rate of hospitalized cases (compare that to a 5.8% mortality rate in the entire US armed forces)

More recently, homeopathy was used in Cuba to stop the spread of at least 7 different epidemics. The most recognized was that of a leptospirosis epidemic in 2007 and 2008. Leptospirosis infections have a mortality rate of around 10%. The bacteria is spread through standing water, particularly during hurricanes. As you can imagine this has been a significant threat in Cuba. The Finlay Institute, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to vaccine research and production, (and coincidentally the only pharmacy in the world to produce the human vaccine for leptospirosis), spearheaded a homeopathic intervention to stop an epidemic in only 2 weeks, bringing down the rates of the disease to far below historical levels. I tell this story in more detail in my documentary Magic Pills: Promise or Placebo.

In Ontario, Canada, homeopaths are not allowed to make any claims about the effectiveness of homeopathy, nor about our ability to treat any illness. However, I hope that by sharing the startling historical data I can provide some insight into the remarkable potential for this energy medicine. As a gift to the wider community, in these difficult times, my colleague, David Nortman, and I have written a Homeopathic Guide to 2020. We invite you to download our guide for free and to check out the documentary Magic Pills ( a film that challenges the narrative of the mainstream media, who claim that homeopathy is unscientific, by exploring large scale real-world homeopathic interventions along with the scientific evidence base. ย 


Magic Pills: Promise or Placebo
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