IC Glucophage vs. Diabetes Mellitus

Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko
Below is a summary of the findings of a clinical study performed by Leonid Tanskiy that investigated the effect of Glucophage IC the Weight loss complex IC.

Research Purpose – to study the effect of Glucophage IC on: 

  •    blood sugar level, 
  •    glycated hemoglobin levels,
  •    Body Mass Index of patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, on the background of the alimentary obesity with a Body Mass Index of 31.0 - 35.9, which corresponds to the second degree of obesity. 

The study was conducted in the period from 01.05.2011 to 01.09.2012 

In the study 3 men and 3 women took part. 

All patients had previously provided written consent for clinical trials. Patients were informed about the possibilities of information medicine.  

Before the study, body weight, Body Mass Index, fasting blood sugar level, glycosylated hemoglobin index, biochemical analysis of blood were measured for all patients.  

All patients before the study took oral hypoglycemic drugs tablets for 3-6 years: 

  •    3 patients used 1500 mg of Metformin daily, 
  •    3 patients used 3 mg of Oltar in the morning before eating.

During the test, all oral hypoglycemic drugs were canceled.  

Patients were recommended: strict adherence to diet with the restriction of animal fats, as well as drinking Glucophage IC water four times a day: 

  •    200 ml before a meal - three times a day  
  •    and 200 ml before sleep 


Bodyweight change

Change of pulse

Change of blood sugar level

Change of blood pressure


Results of Biochemical Analysis

Change of the content of a total protein

Change of the content of total cholesterol

Change of the content of triglycerides
Change of the content of calcium

Change of the content of glycosylated hemoglobin


  1. The blood glucose level of all 6 patients, who used water with Glucophage IC, does not exceed 7.0 mmol/l, which corresponds to 100% compensation of diabetes mellitus of the second type. 
  2. Glycosylated hemoglobin level decreased by more than 1.5 mmol/l of all 6 patients.  
  3. Taking into consideration that normalization of levels of glycated hemoglobin was observed 4-6 weeks after normalization of blood glucose levels, the achieved effect might be considered as good.  
  4. The average weight loss was 30 kg in 16 months. 
  5. Low blood calcium level in all patients indicates about latent hypothyroidism. It is necessary for all patients with alimentary obesity to examine the level of thyroid hormones, and blood calcium levels.  
  6. All patients did not mention side effects from Glucophage IC.

Nov 14, 2021
seems that IC glucophage IC cannot be found
Hi Clement, Metformin is the active ingredient used in Glucophage: https://www.infopathy.com/en/infoceuticals/metformin
Oct 02, 2021
Hello . Is it possible to know the "recommended diet" that was associated with CI?
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Hello PREVOST JOEL, in some countries it is known as Diet # 9, you can read it here: https://yasensvit.ua/ru/media/articles/vse-pro-medychnu-diyetu-9/ c is in Russian, but some browsers (eg Chrome) support machine translation.
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Link to original study?
Hi Jonathan, this is a report directly from a practitioner and it is not published in any journals.
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, I see it might be a good idea to link to the practitioner in this article, so people can verify this report OR hire him...
Hi Jonathan, thank you for the idea! His name is Leonid Tanskiy, lives in Ukraine (speaks Ukrainian and Russian), [email protected]
Mar 16, 2018
This is very interesting and useful, specially because of the secondary effects this medications(alopathic) can have, but with the IC you're suppressing that consequence, great evidence thank you.
Veronica, thank you very much for your comment! We will post more results with a time!