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    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Cell Salts, also known as tissue salts, are minerals used in homeopathic medicine to help support the body’s health and healing process. There are ...
Imprint This IC Complex may help reduce AZ vax side effects.
Contains: Curcumin Plus MMXIX 30C Anti-Viral/Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Fungal Pycnogenol AZ Vax 30C and 1 more...
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Contains: Alpha-Lipoic Acid Ashwagandha Berberine Plus Bioactive Animal Peptides Chaga Mushroom + Shilajit and 16 more...
Imprint Carbo vegetalilis is a homeopathic remedy made from vegetable charcoal, which is known for its ability to absorb toxins from the body. It may help ...
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    Meridian Energies
Imprint Coenzyme Compositum is used for the stimulation of blocked enzymatic systems in degenerative diseases and in defective enzymatic functions. It may ...
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Imprint This IC Complex contains substances that target EBV (a virus responsible for 2% of all cancer cases and is a silent killer).
Contains: Beta Glucan Herpes Simplex (Inverted) Herpes Zoster-Nosode Umifenovir Valacyclovir hydrochloride and 1 more...
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Contains: Digestion Boost Digestive Complex Probiotics Digestive Enzyme Composite Kidney and Bladder Support L-glutamine and 2 more...
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Contains: Calcium D-glucarate Digestive Complex Probiotics Digestive Enzyme Composite Glutathione (Reduced) Kidney and Bladder Support and 1 more...
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Imprint This IC contains substances for a stronger estrogen detoxification.
Contains: Anastrazole Breast Defense Calcium D-glucarate Liver and Gallbladder Support Vitamin B Complex and 1 more...
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    Meridian Energies
Imprint Hepar Compositum may help with all functional disorders related to the liver and gallbladder. It may also help stimulate liver cell function and de...
Imprint MMR stands for measles/mumps/rubella and is a homeopathic remedy made from the vaccine, the remedy may help to mitigate side effects and adverse re...
Imprint This IC may help reduce Mod mRNA vax side effects.
Contains: Pycnogenol Umifenovir Heparin (Injection) Dexamethasone Cetirizine hydrochloride and 1 more...
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