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Imprint Hepar Sulfuris Calcareum (common name crude calcium sulfide) is a homeopathic remedy that may be used for painful and hoarse dry coughs that are wo...
    22.1 k
Imprint Hyaluronic acid is a compound found in the tissues of the body, with highest concentrations in connective tissues such as skin and cartilage. Its m...
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world with an average weight of 3.5 kg to 10 kg and can reach up to 35 kg. It is packed with fiber...
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Jackfruit is a tropical fruit grown in Asia, Africa, and South America. The fruit, as well as its seeds, are edible and offer various health benefi...
    2.69 k
    Dr. Akemi Borjas, DOM
Imprint Jade Screen & Xanthium Formula (Yu Ping Feng Jia Cang Er San) is a blend of herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to supplement qi, stop sweat...
    3.01 k
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint L-Carnosine, also known as carnosine, is a dipeptide consisting of the amino acids alanine and histidine. It is naturally found in high concentrati...
    Vie Rayonnante
PEMF Rife frequencies, which may help with light sensitivity, also known as photophobia - a condition where lights cause discomfort in the eyes.
    2.4 k
    Meridian Energies
Imprint Indications of Luesinum include severe immune suppression; affections of reproductive organs, nerves, bones and mucous membranes; sleeplessness; se...
    16.5 k
Imprint Lutein and Zeaxanthin are natural carotenoids (i.e. pigments produced by plants) and powerful antioxidants. These two carotenoids are best known fo...
PEMF This PEMF was designed to help with acute and chronic macula problems.
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Maqui berries are dark-purple fruit native to Chile and Argentina and are considered to be a superfood due to their high antioxidant content and he...
    30.6 k
Imprint Marine Phytoplankton contains two marine phytoplankton strains: the "Nanno" strain, which is a specific species of nannochloropsis and the "Gala" s...
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