Delta sleep-inducing peptide

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Mental Health and Nervous
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Synthetic delta sleep-inducing peptide is used to treat withdrawal symptoms related to both alcoholism and narcomania. It can also be used to help with prophylaxis of stress induced conditions, neurotic disorders, and disorders arising from stress (e.g. sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, etc.). Another use of synthetic delta sleep-inducing peptide is for the treatment of stress-response syndrome and its symptoms which include depression, tension, and anxiety.

Nov 28, 2019
Just did it I am feeling it will work, thank you
Hi Shane, great! Thank you for your comment :)
Nov 29, 2019
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, Second day, the feeling of calmness & emotions where in neural. I have never been in that state before, so how can it be explained. Oh the mind is a lot clear & quiet, and got a lot done in a more calm & quiet way. Thank You Anton Shane

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