Tibetan Health Blend

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Immune and Lymphatic
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Tibetan Health Blend is a natural herbal remedy that originates from traditional Tibetan medicine and possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. It may help support cardiovascular health, improve blood circulation, alleviate symptoms of peripheral artery disease (such as pain and cramping of the legs), and boost immune system function. This IC was made with the help of aucklandia root, Icelandic moss, neem fruit, cardamom, myrobalan fruit, allspice berry, Indian bael fruit, calcium sulfate, columbine flower, licorice root, lanceolate plantain, birdโ€™s foot trefoil, golden potentilla, clove, Kaempferia galanga rhizome, Virginia mallow, valerian, lettuce leaf, marigold, d-camphor, and wolfsbane.

Tibetan Health Blend
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