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1. What are ICs? What is the connection between Homeopathy and ICs?

ICs are electromagnetic signals that are generated using algorithms or recorded from substances that have healing, therapeutic, or other biological effects. Simply put, ICs can be regarded as the evolution of homeopathy for the 21st century. Much like homeopathy, ICs work by stimulating the body’s own healing abilities. It is possible to imprint ICs to water and then by consuming this water, deliver the information to the body to promote self-healing.

2. Should I substitute my medication with ICs?

No. If you currently use any medication, do not replace them with ICs. ICs should be used to complement your treatment. If or when you will need to change anything regarding your medication, contact the practitioner who prescribed the medication to you and they will make the necessary adjustments.

3. How much IC water should I drink? Is there a dose-effect relationship?

It does not matter whether you drink 250 mL of IC water or 1 L - one glass of IC water contains the same amount of information as two glasses of water with the same IC. What is important is to drink IC water 2-3 times per day. This is because we need to periodically supply and influence the body with ICs in order to cause an informational effect on the body.

4. How should I store the prepared IC water?

IC water should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and at least one meter away from electrical devices.

5. Are there any side effects from using ICs?

There have been no reports of negative effects from ICs. If an IC is not right for you, it will not resonate with your body and thus will not affect you. Some people may notice mild body pain during the first few days of using infoceuticals, which is normal and practitioners interpret this as the start of the body’s healing process using the newly acquired information. If you have any concerns, please contact your practitioner.

6. Can children use ICs?

Children may use ICs under parental supervision. If your child is taking any medication, do not substitute their medication with infoceuticals - infoceuticals should be used to complement their current treatment.

7. Can I give ICs to my pet?

You may give ICs to your pet. However, if your pet is taking any medication, do not substitute their medication with ICs.

8. How many ICs can I include in my personal complex?

The number of ICs that can be included in a personal IC complex depends on the person’s health and energy state. For some, 10 or more ICs in a complex works well; however, this is not the case for everyone. On average it is recommended to start with up to 6 ICs per personal complex. Depending on how you feel, you can increase (or decrease) the number of ICs in the complex.

9. How often is it recommended to take ICs to see results?

In general, it is recommended to drink IC water 2-3 times per day. This is because we need to periodically supply and influence the body with ICs in order to cause an informational effect on the body. With respect to seeing results, that depends given it is different for everyone – some may see results within a day, while others need more time. Moreover, it depends on the health condition, whether it is chronic or acute.

10. If ICs have the same vibration as the real substance, why take ICs? Why not just ingest the real thing?

ICs are not substitutes for real substances! It is usually a good idea to keep real substances as part of the diet. However, some people may have problems related to the substance such as difficulty with digestion and absorption, allergic reaction, lack of access, dislike the taste or smell, etc. To ensure people are still able to obtain the benefits associated with the substance, they can try infoceuticals.

Additional questions from users

Sep 27, 2021
If the original medicine that i choose to imprint has issue of associated with overdosage or addiction, will I subject to the same issues if I take the imprinted water daily?
Sep 22, 2021
I am running my IC pad from my computer and transmitting signals. My question is it ok to have other programs running? IE: Word, Excel and Chrome? I dont want to imprint my water with my job (haha). Thx
Hi Ehren Van Der Werf, yes, it is okay to have those programs running during the transfer :) Only if you play some audio or video (with sound) on your computer/phone during the transfer it will be emitted by IC Pad as well.
Sep 10, 2021
Not a question just a suggestion. There should be a way to find the most recently added ICs. A tab for the latest and greatest :-)
Hi, to see recently added ICs and Complexes, please go to the main catalog and select Sort By: "Most Recent". Latest ICs will be displayed at the top of the list.
Sep 06, 2021
To whom it may concern, especially homeopaths Thanks for your supplying diluted solution of Covid -19 Vaccine. I've used it for my husband who got Pf vaccine 2 weeks ago several times. I have some questions. ​ I've informed that every Covid -19 vaccine contains Graphene oxide which is very harmful for humans. Is it possible that this harmful element can be deleted from the people who got Coivd shot? or your diluted solution of coivd-19 vaccine can prevent them from getting adverse effect from the vaccine? ​ Is it helpful that eating or drinking natural food for purifying blood? ​ How about this mineral silica which has the nature of discharging external elements from the body? ​ Thanks!​
Hi Nicole, thank you for your comment and questions. Theoretically, diluted solution coivd-19 vaccine IC should help with side effects. On how to remove Graphene oxide, I would suggest asking this question in our Facebook Infopathy Community (you can find a link to the community in the footer of this website). If you don't use facebook, please let me know, I will post this question for you. Thank you!
Sep 02, 2021
When I run PEMFS with the glowing IC pad I tried testing with a magnet or washer to see if I could "see" the field but nothing happens. I have another PEMF device and I can do this test and feel the magnet vibrate or place a metal washer and see it jump. Is my device defective? Just received it 2 days ago. Just trying to verify that it's actually pulsing a magnetic field and not just blue lights lighting up. Thanks!
Hi Austin, if IC Pad is flashing it also emits EMF, as current goes through the built-in coil. The intensity of the field generated by the IC Pad is just smaller than your other device.
Aug 28, 2021
can I imprint from my glowing pad onto my holographic stickers would love to know this and if so can I just lay my stickers on the pad and let them imprint would that be possible
Hi Bill, some people mentioned they are trying that. At the moment we don't have any experience with that. You can try as well and see if it works and share with us your findings if possible. Thank you!
Aug 27, 2021
Hello everyone, can I fly with the Glowing Pad without any problems? Or does it take damage when the hand luggage is screened? LG Frank
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Hello Frank, IC Pad should not be damaged when checking hand luggage.
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Aug 27, 2021
Hello! How can I imprint Audible ICs on water?
Hi Cristina, the best is to listen to Audible ICs with headphones or apply them directly to the body using transfer devices. But you can also try imprinting Audible ICs to water with a transfer device using Method 1 or Method 2.
Aug 21, 2021
Hello, little question to be sure to understand the operation ... is it possible to treat together in the same complex, several problems ... Example: eczema, weight, digestion, muscle aches ... All in one ... Thank you for your reply.
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Hello Fischer, yes you can create complexes and include ICs for different health demands and see how that works for you. But we recommend the following: 1) Focus on up to 3 health goals at the same time. 2) Include up to 6 ICs in your fingerprint complex. At least when you start out, you can later try to include more ICs in a single complex. Including too many ICs in a complex may have no effect, as the body will not be able to process it. 3) If you use few printing complexes, you can use them one after the other at least 10 minutes apart. 4) Use the same IC or complex imprint at least 3 times a day, drinking at least 50 ml of water each time.
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Aug 19, 2021
Hello, 1st time user with Glowing IC Pad. I set up transfer from my computer, only got sound and no lights. Then I tried transfer from my iPhone and only got lights, but no sound. Did the transfer work? Thank you
Hi Bart, if IC Pad is connected correctly, there should be lights and no sound. If using a computer, after connecting IC Pad please check your audio setting, you may need to change the Output device to "headphones".
Aug 23, 2021
Hi Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, I have just connected my phone to the glowing IC pad. A message popped up on my phone and asked me to select “Headphones” or “other”. I selected other (before reading this comment and reading all the instructions I could find online regarding setting up where this wasn’t mentioned). The IC Pad doesn’t work at all now and the message does not pop up again for me to change the output to “headphones”. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this on an iPhone ? Many thanks, Rebecca
Hi Rebecca, you can try to restart the phone with a disconnected IC Pad and then try again. Also, you can try following: 1) If your iPhone is running iOS 11 or newer, open Control Center by swiping up from below the bottom of the screen. Then, press and hold the audio box in the upper right-hand corner of Control Center. Next, tap the AirPlay icon and make sure there’s a check mark next to Headphones. If the check mark is next to a different device, you can switch to headphones by tapping on Headphones. 2) If your iPhone is running iOS 10, open Control Center by using a finger to swipe up from below the bottom of the display. Then, swipe right-to-left to view the audio playback section of Control Center. Next, tap on iPhone at the bottom of Control Center and make sure there’s a check mark next to Headphones. If the check mark is next to something else, simply tap on Headphones to switch.
Aug 25, 2021
Hi Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, thank you for your reply. I followed these steps and the IC pad still does not light up when my phone is connected and ‘headphones’ now selected in settings. I’m yet to see it work at all or try it yet.
Hi Rebecca, once connected, please, make sure the audio volume is set to the maximum during the transfer: 1) Connect IC Pad. 2) Start transfer 3) Check that audio volume is set to maximum on your phone.
Aug 25, 2021
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, got it to work now!!
Hi Rebecca, super! :) What did the trick?)
Aug 16, 2021
Does using the IC pad also turn the water into structured water? Thank you
Hi Monica, IC Pad creates a magnetic field, which was shown to be one of the factors that structure water - creating EZ, gel-like water. Also shaking water structures it.
Aug 12, 2021
Question on the Glowing IC PAD, is the transmitter located at where the blue light location (total 7 points) ? If yes, I assume I should pick a glass bottle that is as close as possible in diameter as the size of the Glowing IC PAD?
Hi Ee Chiang Wee, a more intense field is generated in the center of the IC Pad. It is not necessary to have a bottle that fully covers the surface of the IC Pad, even a tincture of 2oz (30mL) is okay.

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To create a copy of an existing IC Complex, Sign In and then click the " Copy & modify" button located at the bottom of the IC Complex card. Next, click the "Submit" button at the end of the form. However, if you wish to personalize the IC Complex, edit the form accordingly (i.e. modify the list of included ICs) and then press "Submit". The IC Complex you copied/modified will only be visible to you.

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To quickly add an IC to your personal IC Complex, Sign In and then click on the " Add to Complex" button located at the bottom of the IC card. A list of your personal IC Complex will pop-up. Select which IC Complex you would like to add the IC to.

On the IC Complex page, what is the difference between the modes "Transfer all at once" and "One-by-one"? What mode should I choose?

When you select the mode "Transfer all at once", all the ICs in the IC Complex will be transferred at the same time. It is recommended to use this mode if you are imprinting ICs to water or other products.

When you select the mode "One-by-one", the ICs in an IC Complex will be transferred (played) one after another, like songs in a playlist. It is recommended to use this mode if the IC Complex consists of PEMF or Audible ICs. If the IC Complex is created by someone else and you would like to change the transfer order of the ICs, you will need to create a copy of the IC Complex by clicking the " Copy & modify" button. Then edit the IC Complex, if you wish. Once completed, click "Submit". You will now be able to reorder the ICs under the "One-by-one" mode.
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