upper respiratory

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run as often as you can. if no improvement or thereโ€™s body aches/flu like symptoms let me know as thats a different program.
Included ICs
frequencies to help support body in lung infections, resonances for bacteria, yeast, and mild virus like a chest cold. for intense viral issues loo...
frequencies to help reduce pathological secretions in the lung and reduce chronic inflammation. needs to be paired with program that addresses the ...
transfer one at at ime. bronchi focused - basics, adhesions, bronchial asthma cold in bronchi. 528 for lung and respiratory also. does not have hyp...
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Kevin Beland, November 23, 2022
This program helped when I had an upper respiratory cough and congestion.
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upper respiratory
Nov 23, 2022
This program was beneficial when I had an upper respiratory cough and congestion.ย 
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