Female Balance

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This IC has been created to Balance Female Hormones!
Included ICs
11.8 k
    11.8 k
    Immersion Health
This formula contains quercetin, Scutellaria, Tumeric (BCM-95), Astragalus root, Cordiolus, Reishi, Phellinus, Diindolylmethane (DIM). These are st...
10.4 k
    10.4 k
Calcium D-glucarate is a chemical that is similar to the naturally occurring substance known as glucaric acid. Calcium D-glucarate is made by combi...
    6.9 k
    Immersion Health
EGCg is the most active therapeutic constituent in green tea. It has been studied extensively and found to benefit a wide range of diseases. Consid...
5.83 k
    5.83 k
Progesterone cream may be used to reduce menopause symptoms. This IC was created with the help of the following substances: fulvic extract, essenti...
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