Joint Rehab Complete

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This IC Complex contains a combination of PEMF protocols for joint support.
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This PEMF was designed to correct the position of all joints in the body. Check the length of your legs before and after using the IC - you will fi...
16.2 k
Joint Pain is a major health problem for many people. If you want to support your joints just use this PEMF protocol. Always add ICs to the PEMF ma...
9.71 k
This PEMF IC was designed to help reduce nerve pain.
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anonymous, August 28, 2022
So so good! I could hardly turn my head due to tension โ€” run 2 times and everything relaxes, becomes loose and supple. Thanks!

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Joint Rehab Complete
Mar 20, 2022
Hello, should this program be played sequentially or all at once? Thanksโ€ฆ
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