AZ Vaccine Side Effect Reducer

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This IC may reduce AZ vaccine side effects.
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11.8 k
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This IC was made with the help of a highly diluted solution of the Coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine, which uses a viral vector. It may be used to ease ...
Rife frequency to help with reactions to vaccinations.

Oct 18, 2021
Hi, the first few times I imprinted this IC it was very very high pitch. And the last two times, it's sounded very low. Is it normal for the sound to change like that? Emily
Oct 03, 2021
what exactly is "reaction to vaccinations"?!
Hi Tracey, "Reaction to Vaccinations" IC is a general ICs based on Dr. Rife frequency sets, it is not applied for a specific vaccine.
Aug 31, 2021
Has this helped anyone with vax side effects?
Sep 07, 2021
Jonathan Roseland, oh yes! I had several patients who came to me only after the vaccination and to whom I gave the IC. the side effects have disappeared almost within hours. All those who have already started to take 2-3 days before the vaccination have tolerated the vaccination without side effects. For me, this IC is a MUST with every vaccination! simply distinguish whether mRNA or vector vaccine, are different ICs. I also learned from Anton that this AZ IC can also be used with Johnson & Johnsen vaccine.
Sep 11, 2021
Daniel, great! Are you a doctor? I'll add your comment to the article I'm putting together on Infopathy
Sep 11, 2021
Jonathan Roseland, I am originally a pharmasist, but have been working for over 20 years as a naturopath with a focus on chinese medicine and osteopathy as well as energy bodywork and medical hypnosis.
Daniel, wow I do suggest that you do a vlog or blog article detailing your experiences treating vax side effects with the IC

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