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anonymous, October 30, 2022
This IC is amazing! Please protect this knowledge! very valube! Saving lives currently.
anonymous, October 30, 2022
This is simply amazing!! I was using all sorts of medication and later, after I educated myself, I switched to enzymes and probiotics... I tried everything.. they all worked sometimes but I never really felt I was ok... and will continue to be ok.. that the bloating stoped, the heavy feeling, the pain... anyway, if you are here, you know what I mean.... Well... it all stopped with this technology and this particular IC.. I also take superfoods, in combination. My life changed.. Now I am anxious to skip the water for a day :)) it is amazing for me... I also have friends who use it... a friend recommend it to me actually. Can't really explain that well what it did for me. You really have to be aware of the struggle these symptoms can put you through to understand how good a cure can make you feel. Just Thank you... to whoever invented this.
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Grant Miller, October 30, 2022
Works to reduce ringing of the ears.
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Mai, October 30, 2022
I used this in combination with stiff neck, after I woke up with bad neck pain due to bad sleeping posture. My pain was gone right away and did not come back.
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anonymous, October 29, 2022
much better. I enjoy all the ic,s i use and most give me good results within days and weeks
Josh, October 29, 2022
Great complex, sleeping really well and waking up feeling refreshed!
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Don Beaulieu, October 28, 2022
I created this IC formulation for protection against spike protein shedding and graphine oxide. It also provides protection from the nefarious toxicity of chemtrails and works to boost the immune system.
anonymous, October 28, 2022
i feel it keeps me healthy, and energizes me. the water i drink tastes much better also.
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Anne Lelong Trolliet, October 28, 2022
Excellent and very effective

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Sophie, October 24, 2022
Korea. I am a guardian of a 13-year-old dog. I was saddened to hear the sad news that the pancreas, heart and kidneys stopped functioning and that the hospital had nothing more to do. We used IC PAD for the child, and used this program, kidney rehabilitation and digestion complete program, and used the electrolyte program. I have heard from the doctor that I am recovering amazingly. My child is fighting with himself right now. I will continue to use this program to help. Sincere thanks to the developer.

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anonymous, October 24, 2022
I use this daily to help my immune feel stronger. I feel a difference in my sinuses and feel more run down when I don't drink it regularly.
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Thomas Vitek , October 24, 2022
Used it on my head and immediately noticed increased mental clarity.

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anonymous, October 21, 2022
My digestion and assimilation of my meals is much better

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Anna, October 19, 2022
This audio is sooo perfect! I sometimes suffer from heartburn, not always, but then for a week. My doctor diagnosed reflux disease without further investigation and I was to take pantoprazole for life from now on. Of course I didn't do this, I used herbal remedies to calm the heartburn, which only made the symptoms a little more bearable. This wonderful audio eases the discomfort on the first listen and after the second listen all the discomfort is gone. I even have the feeling that my pylorus is somehow "trained" because I feel a slight, pleasant "muscle ache" in the stomach area. A thousand thanks for that!!!

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Anne Lelong Trolliet, October 19, 2022
Excellent IC for annual detoxification

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changtherunner, October 19, 2022
My wife got a frozen shoulder so I applied this IC on her shoulders. Ater a while, she wave her arms and did not realize the symptom is gone until I reminded her. LOL. It works like a charm!
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Pam, October 18, 2022
Within 20 minutes of drinking this IC water I felt a wave of calm wash over my body. Great for panic attacks and everyday use!
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anonymous, October 15, 2022
I've had weird post covid symptoms for about half a year now of dizziness and fear of death and as soon as I started drinking the programmed water "spyke protein neutralization" in 1 day something happened and I felt like I was regaining control of my nervous system. I didn't change anything except the water, I started drinking it and it worked. Waoo Tahnk You
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Anne Lelong Trolliet, October 14, 2022
Complex that I drink, but I also spray it on my skin. I really like the result Anne

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Guidoni Valérie, October 12, 2022
it's for my old dog who is full of osteoarthritis .... he really gets better when I inform his water with this infoceutical!

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Susan, October 12, 2022
Critical for me to sleep
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Colleen Cackowski, October 10, 2022
This really helps me balance my energy through the day and restore my adrenals - love it!
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anonymous, October 10, 2022
This added to any mixture helps those that are felling disconnected!
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Tammy Matthews, October 10, 2022
/After a very stressful year and some health challenges as a result, I did some research on the vagus nerve. I decided to try this PEMF and see if it would help reset my nervous system. Success! This has been the one thing that has helped me return to my "normal" self. So thankful!
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anonymous, October 08, 2022
I use this in combination with Cardiac focused PEMFs, and following a consistent and regimented schedule of application my symptoms, manifesting from my Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy (which had grown to alarming proportions) have all but disappeared. Of course time and consistency of application, as is commensurate with virtually any and all treatment protocols, is perhaps the key to obtaining desired results. I once again must thank you Anton (and the rest of your team) for bringing to light this concept which the AMA; FDA; and in particular BIG PHARMA, have been implementing aggressive and frightening measures to keep suppressed. Please, keep up with this wonderful work you're doing. But also, please watch your back!
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Erica McPhee, October 08, 2022
I immediately felt release on the sides of my head leading into my sinuses!
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Anna, October 07, 2022
I've had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for a while, however, if I drink a single glass of this IC between 8pm and 9pm, my sleep is so much better! Thanks a lot for this!!!

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Carol Randle, October 05, 2022
every once in awhile life decides to throw things at you and I always add this, and then duck. And I feel the difference----subtle, but better
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anonymous, October 05, 2022
This IC helps clear deep emotions so they are able to be released and I can feel more even and balanced
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Jeremy Makin, October 01, 2022
Great feeling of energy and vitality after using this one
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ryan creek, October 01, 2022
I had an allergic reaction to something. All over my body were raised red lumps. I had this for 4 days and it was getting worse. I used this for 1 hour the following day lumps started to disappear. Used again. The following day again lumps almost gone. Wow!
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