Eye Disorders (Rife)

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Rife frequencies that may help with eye disorders such as cataracts, blurred vision, crossed eye (strabismus), diplopia, and infections.

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anonymous, October 03, 2023
My eye floaters was bugging me about a month or two ago but the situation has been subsided and become more bearable after less than 30 times of placing the (non glowing) IC pad directly on the eyelid of the affected eye.ย 
I also run vision boost PEMF in combination, running them one by one though.
Iโ€™m going to continue running these amazing frequencies to take care of my weaker eye.
Thanks Source Iโ€™ve encountered Infopathy.
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Eye Disorders (Rife)
Feb 10, 2024
Where should the glow pad be placed? ย Options?
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Oct 04, 2021
Shall one place this directly on the eyes?
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