How to Use Glowing IC Pad

The Glowing IC Pad easily and rapidly transfers both Imprint and PEMF ICs. To transfer ICs, just connect the Glowing IC Pad to your computer/smartphone using an audio cable and follow one of the transfer methods.

The Glowing IC Pad should glow during IC transfer. If it does not, charge the Glowing IC Pad by connecting it to a USB wall charger using a micro USB cable. The yellow light indicates that charging is in progress; when complete, the yellow light turns off.

Glowing IC Pad Troubleshooting

The Glowing IC Pad does not flash during the transfer. What should I do?

1. Charge the Glowing IC Pad with the micro USB cable and USB wall charger.
2. Make sure the Glowing IC Pad is connected to the computer/smartphone via an audio cable.
3. Set volume of computer/smartphone to the maximum level right after you connect it to the Glowing IC Pad.
4. Make sure the IC transfer actually started. To do this, disconnect the Glowing IC Pad from the computer/smartphone and then start the transfer. You should hear a sound - if you do not, then you need to restart or update your browser.

What to do if transfer does not start?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of your browser (Chrome and Safari are recommended) and that you do not have any VPN extensions. You may also try to restart your browser.