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PEMF This PEMF was designed to help support the healing of the cerebellum.
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is a type of fungus that has long been used in different parts of the world for its medicinal benefits. It may h...
    39 k
Imprint Chaga Mushroom + Shilajit is for those who need a boost in their daily lives. It combines the immune-enhancing anti-oxidant properties of Chaga wit...
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Chamomile (Matricaria recuita) has long been used as an herbal remedy for a wide range of health issues. It may help with managing diabetes, loweri...
    13.1 k
PEMF The Chinese Elements are said to influence an individual’s overall health, personality, emotions, and behavior. Qi is the vital energy that circula...
    33 k
    Dr. Tsakirakis
Imprint Chlorella is a freshwater algae that is native to Japan and Taiwan. It is rich in phytonutrients, protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, chlorophyll,...
Imprint Chromium glycinate chelate is used to improve blood sugar control in people as well as insulin sensitivity. It may also be used to help with depres...
    8.09 k
Imprint Chromium is an essential trace mineral and when bound to picolinic acid, the bioavailability of chromium is increased. Chromium Picolinate may be u...
    3.65 k
Imprint Cilantro is an herb used to help with inflammation response, the immune system, detoxification, cholesterol maintenance, gastrointestinal support, ...
    2.26 k
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Citrus bioflavonoids are compounds found in citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and tangerines. Each fruit contains different types of...
    7.14 k
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Cloves are the flower bud of a tree known as "Syzygium aromaticum" and commonly used as a spice. Additionally, cloves are known for their potent me...
    13.5 k
    Vie Rayonnante
Imprint Coconut water is the juice found in young, green coconuts. It is a great source of hydration and is rich in several nutrients such as vitamin C, ma...
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