Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz (20 mins)

Primary Application
For what
Mitochondrial and Energy Production
Blood and Cardiovascular
Cleanse/Restore the Body
Mental Health and Nervous
Immune and Lymphatic
Skeletal and Muscular
For whom
This is a 20-minute version of the Schumann Resonance. It is used for general health. You can also program water with it. This frequency will help attune the body to the natural frequency of the Earth. Benefits include: grounding, well-being, and feelings of joy. For best results, it is recommended to use this IC for at least 15 minutes.

Feb 07, 2022
Noted. Thank you
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Feb 06, 2022
Hello, My headset is at maximum volume but the sound is very low with IC HUMMER. Is this normal? Then at times, the sound stops and starts again immediately. Perhaps he is so made.
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Hello Hélène, it's normal for this IC because it is low frequency, you can keep the volume up to 80% so as not to overheat the Hummer IC.
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Jan 29, 2022
Hello, the glowing pad stops glowing after 35 seconds. Even after several reboots. Thanks for quick help.
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Hello Thomas, does it only stop glowing with this IC? Can you please make sure the audio volume on your phone or laptop is set to maximum after you have started the broadcast.
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Oct 10, 2021
Anton, has anyone used Schumann's on the Chakras, or used it with any Chakra PEMF ?
Hi Syl, I think yes, but I have not heard from anyone about this specifically. You can post this question in a group if you use Facebook:
May 17, 2021
Wondered on what part of the body the IC pad should be placed for best results
Hi Colin, you can place IC Pad on a sternum or stomach, places with a strong blood flow.
Apr 20, 2021
When I use this PEMF while grounded, my skin that's touching the grounded cloth gets uncomfortably prickly. Wherever I move the cloth the skin has the same feeling. I suspect the earth resonance and this PEMF are interacting somehow, very interesting. Do you have any data on using PEMS/IC's when grounded?
Hi John, thank you for sharing this observation, it is very interesting! I have not heard about anything like that before, lets see if someone else will report a similar experience.
Apr 21, 2021
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, Another interesting observation. If you take a speaker wire with male ended headphone jacks, plug one end into an amplified speaker you can hear your bodies signature sound through the speaker. When I use the IC pad, hooked up to my desktop computer, I can hear the IC signal coming through along with my body signature. It’s propagation through my body is unmistakable. If I hold the speaker wire and ground myself there is a giant change in the sound produced. It even changes depending on how much skin area you have connected and how hard you press down. Being how I’m grounded, that change has to be the Earth's signature propagating through my body. Is the Earth a giant PEMF emitter?
Apr 11, 2021
Hi Anton, the Schumann frequency does not work anymore. Neither the 20 mins. version nor 5 or 2. The Pad does not glow although it worked before. Other ICs without problems. Any hints?
Hi Marco, is your audio volume set to maximum when transferring ICs?
Apr 12, 2021
Yes, always.
Can you please try using some other phone or laptop to see if your IC Pad still does not glow with this IC.
Apr 18, 2021
Alright, also not with my PC, but it finally works with my tablet. Thanks für your support Anton!
Mar 01, 2021
Anton, when medication is in an IC or several different things that might have different doses available in the physical, (like supplements ,) how do we know what equivalent dose we are taking onboard our being? Or does it even matter? And if not, why not?
Hi J Grayden, good question. There is research by P.C. Endler (can see in publications section) who recorded signal from normal and high dilutions of L-Thyroxin and the effect was similar to actual L-Thyroxin in those dilutions. In other research where effect from the actual drug is compared with the effect from its IC, its turn out also similar. Regarding effect from ICs recorded from supplements, I would assume that "larger" doses may be achieved by more frequent water consumption and perhaps Imprinting water for a longer time. But more research is needed to understand this.
Feb 27, 2021
How many times in a day can I use the 20 min Schumann resonance ?
Hi J Grayden, thank you for your question! there is no limit on using any ICs, but we suggest using same PEMF IC 1-2 times a day.
Feb 05, 2021
This one is profound. I've used two other schumann resonance devices, and this is more effective. I believe its thanks to the IC Pad's signal strength
Feb 14, 2021
Matt Sena, thank you Matt for the feedback, I am going to try it :)
May 17, 2021
Matt Sena, these IC pads are absolutely incredible. I wasnt sceptical about IC ability but I WAS re PEMF Not anymore.These work
Feb 01, 2021
IC Hummer came with a black plastic piece with suction circles. What is this for and can the hummer be used without it for a more direct IC?
Hi Connie, thank you for your question! Those suction-cups are just for experiments with Cymatics, to attach IC Hummer to some dish with water. You don't need to use it when applying it to the body.
Jan 17, 2021
Using for grounding purposes with the IC Hummer. Is wrist a good place?
Hi Connie, yes, you can place IC Hummer on your wrist.

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