Master Energy

Primary Application
For what
Mental Health and Nervous
Cleanse/Restore the Body
Immune and Lymphatic
Mitochondrial and Energy Production
For whom

This IC may help restore energy for all chemical and energetic activities and support the body when the body is depleted due to chronic illness. It may be used to help with physical/mental exhaustion, poor breathing, toxic exposure, stress, and damage caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Master Energy may be used to power up all the cells in the organs. It is recommended to use this IC before other protocols that relieve fatigue and replenish energy.

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Roselen Santiago, May 18, 2023
It's great after treating pain and relaxation, to give extra energy.

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Master Energy
Dec 17, 2023
can this be added to another pemf as a complex like stomach lining pemf to be used at the same time or should this be used alone and wait between different pemfs?
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Apr 12, 2023
Maybe, with my other question, I haven’t understood what ‚Source: Algorithm‘ means… And while I look at my different likes here: 
How would you describe the difference in ICs & effects and Applications of ‚Master Energy‘, ‚Energy Awake‘ and ‚Energy Boost‘? 
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Apr 12, 2023
What is this IC made of? 
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Jan 22, 2023
Is this PEMF stimulating? Working on calming down the nervous system and don’t want undue calming effects of other PEMF’s.
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Mar 05, 2021
Is there benefit to infusing the water multiple times with the same IC or Complex? Also, may I infuse multiple ICs and complexes into the same glass of water one after the other (up to 6) or is it better to do one at a time? Thank you!
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