Let It Flow Legs Super Song

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This song is meant to help with tired legs and improve circulation. I'm curious to see if it works!

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Dallas Goeman, November 18, 2023
This works great on my restless legs also…
Mariette Lobo, October 22, 2023
I absolutely love this. Amazing sounds especially the gentle “wood” tingles.  Works great on my restless legs too.

Let It Flow Legs Super Song
Oct 21, 2023
I felt more of a benefit to my legs using this lovely song with my hummer than through headphones/speakers. I placed the hummer just below the belly button for the duration. I have restless legs and have to shift the weight from one to the other when standing eg cooking! My legs and feet can also feel heavy and tired. Playing the song via the hummer did help after just one session. I’m going to persevere and use it daily during the day and also... See more
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