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He Shou Wu, or Shou Wu Pian, (also referred to as Chinese knotweed and as Fo-Ti in America) is one of the oldest remedies recorded in Chinese medicinal handbooks and is derived from the Polygonum multiflorum thunb plant. It is often used to promote good health and virility and in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is used to supplement the liver and kidneys, nourish the blood and yin, help balance qi energy, benefit and retain the essence, stop leakage, detoxify the body, moisten the intestine, move stool, support tendon and bone, and expel wind from the skin by nourishing the blood. He Shou Wu may also be used to help with lower back weakness, blood deficiency patterns, carbuncles, high cholesterol levels, constipation with blood deficiency, dizziness, drying, eczema, fatigue, premature graying of hair, hair growth, hypertension, hypoglycemia, insomnia, weak knees, sore limbs, nocturnal emission (wet dreams), erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual drive, skin rash from blood deficiency, sores, tinnitus from blood deficiency, vaginal discharge, and blurred or spots in vision. This IC was made with the help of Polygoni Multiflori Radix Preparata (Fo Ti / Zhi He Shou Wu).

He Shou Wu
Jul 02, 2024
Good morning ,
Many thanks to Dr Akemi Borjas, DOM for this treatment which seems extraordinary.
After some research, I read somewhere that it could be difficult for the stomach.
I would like to give it to my partner because it suits her for many things, but she also suffers from stomach problems (pain, acid reflux, taking PPIs (on demand)).
Can she still use He Shou Wu?
Many thanks for your help.
Jean Marie
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Nov 20, 2023
Hi, I'm excited to see TCM herbal formuls here. Is there a way to contact the creator of this, to ask about a specific blend of herbs? I've taken He Sho Wu but without additional herbs to bring it up to the head, my weakened systems cannot make use of it for scalp/hair issues. With the other herbs it does make a difference! But they are costly and not easy for a layman to access. It would be incredible if the formula could be uploaded here!
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Sep 26, 2021
How many times a day/week should one consume this to get the basic effects?
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