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Rife frequencies to help with burns.
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Bruna Ballan, September 15, 2021
amazing . i had quite a severe burn on my hand and this relieved it so much to where i had little to no pain at all . I had a sleep after the transfer and when i woke it was so much better
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Sep 15, 2021
thanks for this IC.... it was amazing... Today i recieved quite a severe burn with a couple of blisters around the size of a pea on the top of my hand from a thermos flask of very hot water... i had run it under cold water immediately for a few minutes where the coldness seemed to numb it more than anything .....It was stinging very intensely. I consider myself to have quite a high pain threshold especially after giving birth to 3 children... so my pain level with this burn was about 8.5 - 9. so quite high. I applied the ic pad on the palm of my hand and waited for it to do its thing. i got some relief in the first couple of minutes {6.5}then the pain was back around a level 8. i sat waiting patiently for the whole 20 mins and came out of it with the pain around 6.0. I did another 20 min transfer immediately after and the stinging subsided considerably to around a pain level of 3.5 where it only hurt if i moved it and the skin felt really tight... I had my dinner and felt a little unwell so decided to lie down for an hour. on waking i could feel some pins and needles in my hand BUT the pain had almost disappeared Level 0- 1.... and now I can move my hand freely without any pain at all. quite extraordinary really.

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