Brain Fog

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Brain Fog or a loss of mental clarity is a major problem for many people. Causes might be toxins, stress, detoxification problems in the liver, gut and colon disfunction, lack of nutrients, etc.! Just place the IC Pad in front of your head. Before using this PEMF please add the matching ICs and drink at least 500ml of water with them. One option is the ADHD Kids Formula or my Brain Booster. Piracetam alone can improve brain function and focus. Always think about all pathways that might be involved in the problem and include them in your optimization strategies. Before using this PEMF I suggest you use the Trauma PEMF at least once.

Brain Fog
Feb 24, 2023
How do I use Brain Fog with the Hummer?

What is the process for Brain Fog? The description says drink water first with what information?

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Nov 21, 2022
PLEASE PLEASE restore the indefinite/ run forever function

Very upset to see this has changed
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Nov 08, 2022
When it says place the IC pad on the head; can The glow pad touch on the forehead skin? Or can be tied ? Itโ€™s a 16 min transfer
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