Moringa Leaf

Primary Application
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Mitochondrial and Energy Production
Blood and Cardiovascular
Cleanse/Restore the Body
Mental Health and Nervous
Immune and Lymphatic
Skeletal and Muscular
Herbs and Botanicals
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Moringa tree, also known as the “miracle tree” or “drumstick tree”, is a plant native to northern India. The leaves, flowers, seeds, and roots of this plant have been used for centuries due to their medicinal properties. It is considered a superfood and is part of ayurvedic healing. The leaves are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Moringa leaves may be used to help boost energy and fight fatigue, lower blood pressure, decrease inflammation, promote healthy aging, increase breast milk production, heal and build muscle, reduce joint pain, decrease symptoms related to arthritis, improve digestive health, ease constipation, improve thyroid health, protect the liver, increase sex drive (libido), balance blood sugar levels, protect and nourish skin, stabilize mood, and support brain health.

Moringa Leaf
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