Magnesium Threonate and Potassium

Jonathan Hunt
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Primary Application
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Mental Health and Nervous
Skeletal and Muscular
Vitamins and Minerals
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Electrolyte balance for brain and muscle function.
Included ICs
10.8 k
Magnesium threonate is the form of magnesium that is optimally taken up by and utilized in the brain. Another ingredient is magnesium lysinate / gl...
10.4 k
Potassium is an essential mineral that functions as an electrolyte. It helps the body regulate fluid, send nerve signals and manage muscle contract...
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Jonathan Hunt, May 08, 2022
I use this IC to mitigate muscle cramps and to help regulate my sleep. I only take this in the morning with the potassium. At night I use only the Magnesium for sleep. It does work amazingly well.
Jonathan Hunt, August 21, 2022
It works. Leg cramps gone and my sleep is awesome. More energy when I start the day. I have been using for about a year. Potassium is needed for the Magnesium to function. The convenience of using in one IC is a plus.

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