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Synthetic delta sleep-inducing peptide is used to treat withdrawal symptoms related to both alcoholism and narcomania. It can also be used to help ...
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Noni is used to help treat various health related problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, pain, arthritis, inflammation, menstrual cramps, ...

Oct 04, 2020
Does not help me sleep any other suggestions!p?
Hi Iris, thank you for your comment! If problems with sleep are long-lasting, chronic, then you may need to use IC for at least a few weeks to get results. You can also try 'Super Sleep PEMF' and 'Sleep Combination'. One of them is PEMF and another is Imprint. Also, you can search for 'Sleep' for more results.

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Imprint For a deep, restful sleep, it is recommended you drink 8-12oz of this IC between dinner and bedtime.
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