Liposomal Glutathione

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Primary Application
For what
Immune and Lymphatic
Cleanse/Restore the Body
Vitamins and Minerals
Liposomal glutathione helps support the immune system, removes free radicals and heavy metals, controls inflammation and is a master detoxifier and powerful anti-oxidant. It may be used to help make DNA, form sperm cells, regenerate vitamins C and E, and support the liver and gallbladder deal with fats.

Feb 04, 2021
Glutathione has been called the body's master anti-oxidant. It's produced especially by the liver and the liver is the master detoxifying organ. In my opinion, glutathione is powerful enough to be felt immediately when increasing the compound in the liver or the blood. I'm happy to say I felt the same feeling, and in noticeable amounts from this IC.