Fenugreek (Methi) Leaves

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Immune and Lymphatic
Mental Health and Nervous
Blood and Cardiovascular
Cleanse/Restore the Body
Herbs and Botanicals
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Fenugreek, also known as Methi, is an herb that is loaded with vitamins and minerals and has been used for thousands of years in alternative and Chinese medicine. Health benefits associated with fenugreek leaves include help treat digestive problems (e.g. loss of appetite, upset stomach, constipation, indigestion and flatulence, gastritis), lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, help stimulate milk production in breastfeeding women, reduce pain associated with menstruation, help with menopausal symptoms, improve libido, reduce inflammation, control blood sugar level, reduce risk of cancer, and promote heart health. Fenugreek may also help with arthritis, poor thyroid function, obesity, kidney problems, Parkinson’s disease, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, testosterone production, and baldness.

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