Pain in Any Joint

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Skeletal and Muscular
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This PEMF was designed to help with chronic joint pain and combines the following PEMFs: Trauma, Chiro Spine, and Joint Pain. It may be used for any joint - just place the IC Pad on the joint that hurts and run this IC. This may be combined with joint supporting ICs.

Nov 05, 2020
Why does the light function no longer work? Best regards, Dietmar
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Dietmar Jansen, make sure that your Glowing IC Pad is charged and that you set the volume to maximum
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Sep 15, 2020
Transmission slows down after almost 60 seconds and then breaks off, even with repetitions. This fits the new version. Why is a very well-functioning program being renewed? Now it is very confusing, programs cannot be found or cannot be used
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Dear Dietmar, thank you for your feedback. We found the issues and made some improvements. Please try transferring this IC again and let us know if you continue to have problems. Thank you for your help and patience!
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Sep 11, 2020
What is this new version about. Confusing and the selected application no longer works. Who can help?
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Dear Dietmar, you can contact us at [email protected]
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Every time loading this IC, there ist a fault by 99%. Try IT several times. Android Handy and Laptop windows
Hi Stephan, thank you for letting us know! Yes, this one is pretty heavy signals, in terms of data. I just also had 99% (used laptop Safari browser), but after about 30 seconds of waiting, it went through. Seems it just needed more time for decoding.
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, thanks for Your reply, but i cannot wait because after 15 sec in 99% i get a new fault Page, oooops there went Something wrong and a Button reload the Page . Best regards Stephan
Stephan, understood. Seems on your device not enough RAM and pages crashes and reloads (you probably use smartphone or tablet?). We are in a process of solving this issues for a long signals, it can take a few weeks.. sorry about that

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