Peptide-mineral Mollusk Hydrolyzate

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Primary Application
For what
Immune and Lymphatic
Blood and Cardiovascular
Cleanse/Restore the Body
Mitochondrial and Energy Production
For whom
This is new in the field of traditional medicine (peptide-mineral hydrolyzate from mollusks) - a living biological substance of marine origin. It has an altogether healing effect on practically all organs, systems and human cells. It presents a blend of various peptides, 20 amino acids - among them the ones crucial for the optimal function of the hematopoietic system and for the stimulation of the body's own protective abilities to pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, and tumors. The use of this substance stabilizes the hormonal, enzymatic and acid-base balance of the body; improves the liver functions; restores the immune system which is the foundation of optimal health. The high efficiency of hydrolyzates in restoring the body's protective functions was confirmed by many clinical studies that stressed their power to reverse aging and raise an immune response.
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