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Scleranthus is the bach flower remedy for people who find it difficult to make up their minds. Sometime there are two options, sometimes more. The scleranthus indecision commonly affects the small decisions of life as much as the big ones: 'should i marry Joe or Peter?' and 'should I buy a red notebook or a blue one?' are both scleranthus states. But we should consider "Wild Oat" instead if indecisiveness is to do with our deeper ambitions for our lives: 'I want to do something worthwhile - will marriage and a family bring me fulfillment?'. Sometimes the chronic uncertainty of the scleranthus person manifests itself in other ways. There may be mood swings and even motion sickness - although these symptoms are not in themselves infallible guides to scleranthus, but only signs that this is a remedy to consider. In any case, the remedy is given to help the person act more decisively and know his or her own mind. Suggested for when one suffers from indecision, particularly when faced with two options.