Star Anise

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Mental Health and Nervous
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Star anise is a spice, which grows as dark brown star-shaped pods containing powerful bioactive compounds that contribute to good health. Star anise may be used to help fight colds and influenza, improve digestion, boost immune system, alleviate gas, reduce abdominal cramps and bloating, help with constipation, help reduce the risk of cancer, reduce menstrual cramps, promote menstruation, increase flow of breast milk, ease childbirth, increase libido, calm nerves, and relieve sleep disorders.

Sep 09, 2021
The Health Ranger/Natural News guy speaks highly of the Shikimic acid in Star Anise as an anti-COVID measure. Apparently it blocks the COVID spike protein and possibly the spike protein that the vaccinated shed. So a good anti-viral to take especially as we get into the colder months.