Kidney Regulator

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This IC may be used to help regulate the body’s acid-alkaline balance and pH level. It may also be used to balance the kidneys and its meridians. Kidney Regulator may also help increase the sense of drive and enhance performance.

Aug 19, 2021
AMAZING!! had achilles / heel pain for months. Osteo suggested it was kidney. Used this 3 times (3 repeats each) and pain almost fully disappeared
Hi Tyler, thank you very much for sharing! Can you please add your experience to this IC, by clicking on "Rate this IC" or "Share your experience using ICs" button. Thank you!
Jan 11, 2021
do I have painful throwing sensations when I put the pad in the lower back? is this normal?
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Hi Marion, sometimes such a feeling can appear when you start to use an IC. You can turn down the intensity (turn down the audio volume when transferring this IC) and see what you feel.
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