Brain Delta (Sleep)

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Binaural beats with 0.5-4 Hz, which corresponds to the brain state - sleep. It starts at 4 Hz and moves to 0.5 Hz, slower beats. Delta brainwaves are slow, loud brainwaves (low frequency and deeply penetrating, like a drum beat). They are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Delta waves suspend external awareness and are the source of empathy. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process.
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anonymous, March 15, 2022
I use it in my headphones, before meditating and going to sleep. It really helps me fall asleep quicker and have a deeper sleep, and in the morning I always wake up full of energy. I never feel tired or restless anymore and my sleep has hugely improved after using this IC. I am extremely grateful... See more
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Jul 01, 2022
Are headphones or the IC Hummer more effective at getting that audible on? Thank you for the time & effort!!! Namaste :-)
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Hi Esther, with brain waves ICs you need to use stereo headphones or 2 IC Hummers connected at the same time to make a stereo effect. Thank you! :)
Apr 06, 2022
Does it also work without headphones? I can't sleep with headphones on and I'd like to put my phone next to my pillow in flight mode.
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Hi Andreas, yes, you can use speakers, but it is important to have a stereo effect. If the sound from your speakers also produces a "beating/pulsating" effect that you can hear in headphones when using this IC, then you can use speakers as well.
Mar 27, 2022
Can you listen directly with headphones?
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Hi Pinson, yes the Audible ICs can be listened to with headphones.
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Mar 17, 2022
Does not work for my insomnia I wish it did .
Hi Iris, did you use it with headphones or IC Pad?
Dec 12, 2021
Does anyone have the problem too? The audio switches itself off after 4 minutes.
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Hello Yvonne, continued playing for me after 4 minutes. Please try restarting your phone.
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Jul 31, 2021
I get a lot of popping on this track. Playing it on iPhone with chrome browser. With and without noise cancelling headphones. Is there any solution?
Hi David, sorry about this issue, it appeared recently on mobile Apple devices. We are looking for a solution. At the moment you can try using laptop or you can also try to lock the screen while listening to the IC, it migh help to reduce poppings.
May 27, 2021
Was working well for sleep and now it plays a completely different frequency. Too loud for sleep now.
Hi Taylor, do you use it with the same speakers or headphones? We did not change the frequency.
May 28, 2021
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, I am using the ic hummer. Before it would be deep and now it’s high pitched
Hi Taylor, was it overheating sometimes? if possible can you please send us a photo of a vibrating part to this email [email protected]
Oct 20, 2020
Woke up at 4AM this audio put me back to sleep.

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