Healing the Eyes

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This Audible IC is to help heal the eyes and to clear vision.

Aug 04, 2021
Teacher. . What is a good volume for listening? Right now, I'm just listening to it at a level that's comfortable to listen to. .
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Hi Sophie, that's right. The volume should be set to a comfortable level.
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Aug 04, 2021
Can I drink it after putting it on the glowing surface and transferring it to water?
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Hi Sophie, the best way is to listen to this signal with headphones. However, you can also transfer to water and drink water.
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Nov 21, 2020
Hi, from about 2:35, sound gets very different (fuzzy sound, static) from what I used to hear. Please check.
Hi Hanul, thank you for your comment! I assume you use a smartphone. This may happen if the smartphone has loaded memory. I suggest closing unused tabs in the browser and close opened Apps.
Oct 12, 2020
Hi, how often do I have to do this per day to achieve a sustainable result? It would be very helpful to indicate in the descriptions how often you have to do this application, for example per day or per week, etc.
Hi Ufuk, thank you for your question! If it is specifically not mentioned in a description, you can use it once a day.
Jun 19, 2020
눈이 정말 시원해져요

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