Inflammation and Pain

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This PEMF contains Frequencies against inflammation and pain. It should harmonize immune function and reduce inflammtion and pain. Combine it with other PEMFS and ICs that match your diagnosis.
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Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, August 16, 2021
Sometimes I have muscle inflammation in my neck/shoulder, probably caused by a draft (cold wind flow) when I sleep with an open window and no blanket coveres my shoulders. I applied this IC two times with Glowing IC Pad to my shoulder and the next day could move my neck much better, which was a f... See more
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Oct 12, 2021
Any tips on increasing the effectiveness with a PEMF?
Hi Riley, you can place the transfer device on a specific spot, set volume higher (if not at the maximum suggested level yet), and use it more frequently (2-3 times a day).

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