LL-37 Peptide

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LL-37 is a 37 amino acid long antimicrobial peptide that belongs to the cathelicidin family. Cathelicidin peptides are natural antimicrobial peptides that are amphiphiles, that is one end of the molecule is attracted to water while the other end is attracted to fats and proteins. LL-37 is the only peptide of the cathelicidin family found in humans and is an important part of the human immune system as it can fight a variety of pathogens – it’s part of the first line of defense when the body is injured or there is an infection. It may help boost immune system function, accelerate wound healing, reduce tissue inflammation, suppress cancer growth, and promote bone repair.

LL-37 Peptide
Aug 09, 2023
Do some ICs that are meant for the glowing IC pad not create a blue light? Sometimes my glowing IC pad works and sometimes it looks like it doesn't, but I'm always using the IC specified for imprints.  Is it still working even though I don't see a light? 
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Nov 23, 2022
Hi , I’m e looking at holographic stickers are there any types that are better than others  … there are so many !  
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Aug 15, 2022
Good evening my ic pad does not turn on anymore I changed the cable checked the charge and checked the volume
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May 03, 2022
Wasn't feeling well, think I caught a 'variant'. After this ic I started feeling better almost immediately.
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Jan 27, 2022
This is great! Can you also add epitalon please. Thanks!
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Jan 23, 2022
Hi can you use imprints the same way as PEMF ‘s
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