Knee Pain Caused by Injury

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Rife frequencies to help with knee pain caused by an injury.
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anonymous, July 31, 2022
Last night I sprained my knee. I have felt decrease in pain after completing this IC. I am also pairing it with the Ibuprofen IC for inflammation. I had trouble walking this am but am eager to see how this goes.

Aug 10, 2022
Does this help in repair not just pain? I noticed another IC that was shorter that helped with repair also.
Alisha Erickson, yes, this one is for repair as well. Pain is caused by injury, it should heal the injury to illuminate the pain.
Jul 31, 2022
How often do I use it? I just twisted my knee wrong and injured it.
Hi Alisha, apply same PEMF IC 1-2 times every day.
May 27, 2021
Oh and I should ask the best way to treat if it is helpful? IC pad? Hummer? Water?
Hi Helen, yes, you can try this IC, also you can search for "Trauma" IC, it is also a PEMF IC. The best way of using them is to apply IC Pad or IC Hummer (whatever is more comfortable) to your knee.
May 27, 2021
My husband has an old knee injury. 15+ years ago. 10+ ago for surgery. Will this be helpful?

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