Histamine Buster

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This PEMF is designed to help reduce histamine levels. Combine it with the "Allergy Extreme" IC Complex.

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Shelby, February 11, 2024
Gave the best relief to my cat after months of itching, licking, biting and swollen paws and cheeks. This is the only thing that has helped to alleviate his discomfort in months. 
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DM, October 11, 2023
Hi This helped with my mosquito bites itchiness and also a major allergy that i had to my mother in law dog. I never had dog allergy before but i think because it's winter her dog was shedding all over her house and from the moment i visited i did not stop sneezing and my eyes close shut. It was horrible and this helped me so much when i got home.
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Claudia & Bernd, December 29, 2022
Very good effect! Had allergies with very itchy pustules all over my body. Hystamin-Buster PEMF applied in the morning, combined with "Allergy-Extreme" imprint during the day and used Hystamin-Buster again in the evening. So I got through the day without itching, the pustules had completely gone. Used for 1 week, after that I was completely recovered. Thanks very much!

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ryan creek, October 01, 2022
I had an allergic reaction to something. All over my body were raised red lumps. I had this for 4 days and it was getting worse. I used this for 1 hour the following day lumps started to disappear. Used again. The following day again lumps almost gone. Wow!
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Histamine Buster
Feb 11, 2024
My cat has been scratching and irritable for months. The vet charged me $130 for toxic flea medicine and it just got worse. I tried so many things, to no avail. I'm in tears right now, as he is laying on the IC pad that's running immunity, feel relaxed, allergy and this histamine buster. He is purring, relaxed and healing. He is actually groaning at times because he is finally getting some relief. His swollen paws and cheeks are already looking... See more
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Oct 01, 2023
I just wanted to say that I find this program to be extremely helpful. As someone with histamine intolerance, it dramatically reduces the histamine symptoms I get when my levels are too high. 
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Jun 25, 2022
Where do you recommend to put the IC pad with this program?
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Jan 17, 2022
How often can you do this program?
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