Histamine Buster

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This PEMF is designed to help reduce histamine levels. Combine it with the "Allergy Extreme" IC Complex.
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Claudia & Bernd, December 29, 2022
Very good effect! Had allergies with very itchy pustules all over my body. Hystamin-Buster PEMF applied in the morning, combined with "Allergy-Extreme" imprint during the day and used Hystamin-Buster again in the evening. So I got through the day without itching, the pustules had completely gone. Used for 1 week, after that I was completely recovered. Thanks very much!

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ryan creek, October 01, 2022
I had an allergic reaction to something. All over my body were raised red lumps. I had this for 4 days and it was getting worse. I used this for 1 hour the following day lumps started to disappear. Used again. The following day again lumps almost gone. Wow!
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Histamine Buster
Jun 25, 2022
Where do you recommend to put the IC pad with this program?
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Jan 17, 2022
How often can you do this program?
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