Anxiety and Sedation

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This Audible IC is to help with anxiety and sedation.

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anonymous, January 20, 2023
When I'm nervous or scared, I always have a "sluggish" feeling in my stomach area. After this audio, it is noticeably reduced. Not gone but much easier to endure.

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anonymous, May 21, 2022
Application to our bitch, who is always very restless and currently has a very severe skin and coat problem (probably intestines). Already during the first application, she showed complete relaxation and calm, she even closed her eyes and dreamed. That was so nice to see.

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Anxiety and Sedation
Nov 17, 2023
Could this work w glowing pad. My husband has often panic and anxiety but he won't listen to the audible in that state. Could I use this as pemf? 
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Sep 05, 2023
Is this bineural beats or fsm frequencies?
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Oct 23, 2021
How can I best use that when I have IC Hummer. Can I put the IC Hummer on the head during the hearing?
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